Friday, January 15, 2016

Dirty Awnings? How To Properly Clean Awnings

Awnings are a beautiful addition to many exterior areas in homes and commercial settings.  However, regular maintenance is necessary to keep these surfaces in good condition and to extend the useful life of these structures.

Most awnings are either fabric or metal. Fabric awnings consist of two types, either woven fabric or vinyl coated fabric.  Each type of awning requires specific chemicals and methods to maintain appearance and longevity.  The use of chemicals made specifically for each type of material is critical.    

Awnings should be hand cleaned.  The proper chemicals are sprayed on a small section of the awning and allowed to loosen embedded soils.  Brushing with a soft brush and rinsing follow.  Heavily stained or neglected awnings may require additional cleaning to remove all stains.  Common store-bought chemicals and bleach can be ineffective and possibly harmful to fabric and vinyl awnings.  Fabric awnings should never be pressure washed.  Torn seams and ripped fabric are very possible with the use of pressure washers. After cleaning the application of a protector is recommended on fabric awnings.

Keeping your awnings clean and maintained is important if you want to keep them looking great for years to come. You should always choose a reputable and professional company to clean your dirty awnings. We specialize in cleaning and sealing residential and commercial awnings throughout Metro Atlanta.

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