Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summertime Property Maintenance Tips

Summertime is a great time for so many activities. We like to spend time barbecuing, attending festivals, going on family vacations, and of course we have to squeeze in time for a bit of property maintenance on our home or business. 

Here are a few summertime property maintenance tips that will help you keep your property in the best condition possible:

DECK CHECK: Your deck will probably get a lot of use this summer. This is an ideal time to inspect it, seal it, clean it and repair it. Decks that are unstable or rotting can be not only unsightly, but very dangerous as well. Once your deck is safe and sound, schedule a full pressure wash and have it sealed to further protect going forward. 

CLEAN DRYER VENTS: Dryer vents are easily ignored. With all the extra laundry that comes along with the kids being home all summers, it’s important to make sure your dryer is safe. Schedule a full cleaning and inspection of your dryer vents to prevent fires and optimize drying times. 

SCHEDULE A PRESSURE WASH: Your home and/or business will truly be exposed in the bright summer sunshine. Schedule a complete pressure wash to remove all that grime, mold and residue that has built up all year long. This will also help preserve the integrity of your home or business, improve curb appeal and help your property retain its value. 

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